We’ve got a mission for you Sydney, should you choose to accept it. For the rest of the week we’re offering up a cash prize to the person who successfully completes the task that we set out for them, and trust us they’re not going to be easy.

Today’s mission: The Egg Firing Squad. The Target: Nancy, and unsuspecting woman on her way to work.

Nancy had been walking casually from the train station in Macquarie park to the office, minding her own business and listening to some music through her headphones.

It was all starting out as an average weekday for her. But little did she know that our team was waiting nearby ready to change her day completely. We wanted to offer Nancy a neat $500 cash BUT there was of course a catch. To win the money, she would have to let us throw an entire carton of eggs at her.

“Now you’re very well dressed, you’re a beautiful lady, we’re looking at you on Skype here,” said Kyle through the phone to our chosen target. “Do you want $500? But you’ve got to get twelve eggs thrown at you.”


Nancy seemed completely shocked but eventually she gave us her verdict. She decided to accept the mission! Watch the egg firing mission take place in the video above!

Just a warning though if you’re a bit of a fashion lover, you’re going to WINCE when you see the egg splatter all across Nancy’s expensive-looking winter coat! We reckon a bit of that prize money is going to have to go to a dry-cleaning bill…

Mission accomplished!

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