You won’t catch Tristan Thompson out dancing at the clubs with random girls anymore! (At least we hope not…boy knows the whole world will open a can of whoop ass on him if he’s caught cheating again)

No apparently Tristan is a changed man after all of that cheating drama and now the only place you’ll find him dancing is in the comfort of his family home with his daughter True Thompson in his arms.

And thanks to an absolutely adorable video posted by mama Khloe Kardashian to her Instagram story, we got to be in the audience of the little father-daughter performance.

In the short video, 2-month old True is seen holding her dad tightly as he gently sways her around to the beat of some faint music, while KoKo sits behind the camera. And man Tristan actually has some pretty good moves! Those hips certainly don’t lie.

Our hearts practically exploded halfway through the short video when Tristan grabbed True’s arm, mimicking the traditional waltz pose and kissed her on the forehead. We don’t forgive you for all of that cheating nonsense yet Tristan but this is certainly the way to work your way back into our good books!


And it seems it’s the same for Khloe too with the pair appearing to put the rocky episode behind them to focus on their family.

Let’s hope that the basketball pro doesn’t go ahead and ruin it this time! We’re certain he’s realised by now that if he hurts our Khloe again the entire Kardashian fan base will be after him. And FYI that’s a heck of a lot of people!

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