Fair warning, if you’re about to eat or have just eaten you may want to take a few moments before reading what we have to tell you.

You know how there’s always anew health fad going around town, whether it’s only eating at certain times of the day or cutting out carbs? Well this one guy reckons that the way to reaching impeccable health is by drinking your own PISS!

Yep turns out that footballer who was pictured bubbling into his own mouth wasn’t necessarily just a Mad Monday gone wrong, he may have actually been on to something! Well as far as fellow urine drinker Christo Dabraccio is concerned anyway…

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, he explained that he has been drinking his own pee for a long time now and recommends others to do the same for it’s incredible health benefits. In fact he says drinking urine makes him feel like superman!

“I have very high energy levels, I will be 50 in October and I no joke do workouts that even 20-year-olds can’t do,” explained Christo. “I’m strong, it’s hard to get tired.”

On his website, UTfitness.com, Christo also claims that drinking urine can cure your acne and help people lose weight.

But if that grosses you out, it only gets worse from there… Christo told us that he not only drinks his piss but he also washes his face in it!


“I do that as well yes. It works amazingly,” continued Christo.

So how did Christo come about using his waste for something he believes to be extremely useful? Well he said that it took a lot of work at first to try and train his body to stomach it.

“When I first started I did not guzzle it,” he said. “You know, it was a bit tough at first to get over the mental block of being taught that it was waste product.

“When I first tried it I mixed a small amount of urine with a large amount of water…And I kept doing that until it was mostly urine and then pretty soon I could just drink it down.”

Christo then went on to demonstrate his commitment to the practice and actually drank his urine LIVE on air!! If you can stomach it, watch it all go down in the video above!

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