“At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are…”

That’s what the new trailer for Marvel’s latest origin film, Black Widow, tells us.

Starring Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, the action-packed spy thriller from Marvel Studios sees our leading lady confront the darker parts of her ledger when suddenly a dangerous conspiracy relating to her past arises.

It’s set before Black Widow becomes part of the Avengers as she deals with her history as a spy and the fact that a rather dangerous force is after her.

The film is also set to star Florence Pugh as Yelena, David Harbour as Alexei/The Red Guardian, and Rachel Weisz as Melinda.

Black Widow is set to hit Australian cinemas on April 30 and it will form the first film as part of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Who else can’t wait to see this?

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