It’s day two of the Mission Impossible dares on the Kyle and Jackie O Show and as promised we definitely upped the ante today.

The Mission: Wax a stranger’s eyebrows off. The Reward: Our victim will receive $2000

Yep this one made the egg firing squad look like a piece of cake!

As expected, the hardest part of the mission was finding someone willing to participate. Eyebrows might seem like a pretty small and almost insignificant part of the body but we sure as heck wouldn’t want to wax them off! You can just imagine how weird a person would look without any hair there…

But eventually someone agreed. Yunqi was the young woman and she was willing to complete the dare for a cool $2000.


And so it was all systems go! Pedro prepped the waxing strips and stuck them down on top of Yunqi’s eyebrows. She was all smiles, clearly thinking about what she was going to do with her prize money, up until Pedro pulled.

Her hands jumped up to the top of her face where hair used to sit only to find nothing but smooth skin. And the look of instant regret on her face was just PRICELESS!!

Watch the whole thing go down in the video above! Mission accomplished.

How much money would it take for you to wax off your eyebrows? Considering how popular nice and thick eyebrows are these days we’d say for us it’d be a pretty hefty price…

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