There’s a new trend emerging for expectant Mums that has been shown the light of day thanks to a mother posting the moment on her Facebook.

Childbirth educator Sophie Messager has shown the world a woman delivering her son by ‘natural caesarean’ and the results are incredible.

The video shows the baby basically delivering himself by writing his way clear of his others stomach through an incision usually made during a caesarean.

Doctors and nurses look on as the newborn slowly emerges, removing his head, followed by his shoulders and then his full body.

You can hear the mother saying ‘Oh look at him’ as her son emerges from her body.

Ms Messager posted the video on behalf of her friend on Tuesday and it has since gone viral, receiving more than 1.6 million views and already it has 25,000 shares.


In her post, Messager outlines that the mother wished to have a natural caesarean but after having her demands declined, she swapped hospitals at the last moment.

She says ‘’A friend had the most gorgeous gentle caesarean yesterday – it was quite a journey because her local hospital refused to entertain any of her wishes.’’

‘So she had to move to another hospital where she found the most supportive consultant (Dr Andy Simm at Nottingham City hospital), who not only agreed to support all her wishes but filmed the birth to use it to educate other health pros.

‘I especially loved watching the baby walking himself out of the womb,’ she said. 

The mother and baby are said to be doing very well.



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