Sydneysiders have stopped in their tracks over the weekend after spotting a giant fireball shooting across the sky on Saturday evening.

A massive meteor was spotted in the sky all over New South Wale from about 6:30pm on Saturday before it is believed to have come crashing down in the sate’s south.

The rare phenomenon shocked all witnesses with many capturing the spectacle on camera.

“What the hell is that?” remarked one stunned observer in a video of the burning meteor.

“That was amazing! That was green wasn’t it?” asked another in disbelief.


The meteor reportedly turned from bright orange to green with some witnesses even saying that the long tail of light flashed red and blue. The astronomical phenomenon then broke into smaller pieces before eventually disappearing.

Experts have said that it’s uncertain where the meteor fell at this point but it’s believed that it could be somewhere near Cooma, south of Canberra. Photos and videos will now be analysed to try and work out the exact location.

“If it was a large enough object, somebody might come across a rather melted looking clump of rock; that may well be it,” said Professor John O’Byrne from the Sydney Institute for Astronomy.

Astronomers have also said that the meteorite could have been anywhere between the size of a basketball and a fridge, but was certainly big enough to make it to the ground.

Did you spot the bright meteor on Saturday night? 

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