Intern Pete made his way back into the interview game this week after he begged Kyle and Jackie O to give him the opportunity to conduct a chat with Shane Warne, who was planning to come on the show to talk about his ongoing endorsement with Advanced Hair Studio.

Kyle and Jackie agreed to hand over the responsibility to Pete, but he was given strict instructions to make it professional and drama free. A tough ask sometimes for Pete…but he was ready and rearing to do anything he possibly could to make this interview successful.

And this is how it all started out. Things were looking great for Pete as he asked Shane about his work with Advanced Hair Studio, a company that assists people with hair loss.

He even managed to get in a joke and asked Shane if he thought Donald Trump, a man known for his pretty thin and terrible tuft of hair that resembles a poorly positioned wig, would ever be considered as a personality to bring on board with the brand.

Shane even played along and joked that no President should be caught dead with hair like that and that he should definitely get himself over to the the hair loss company for some help.


The pair were joking around like old mates and it looked like Intern Pete might actually make it to the other side of this interview with nothing but positivity. But unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Things suddenly went completely down hill.

For some reason, when things are starting to look good for poor old Intern Pete, he gets a bit nervous and awkward and tends to stick his foot in it. And you guessed it, this is exactly what happened.

Pete stumbled through the next load of questions and it was evident that Shane was getting slightly irritated with him. Things suddenly reached breaking point and it was there and then that Shane decided that he’d just about had enough of speaking to Pete.

And so he hung up on him. Yep, we’re talking all that was left of Warnie was a dial tone.

So what caused Shane Warne to get so riled up? Find out and watch the whole awkward interview go down in the video above!

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