New South Wales Health have issued a health warning for the state, as a large dust storm is expected to move across the areas surrounding Sydney and it’s east coast.

Dust levels are also set to increase in the northern parts of NSW in the late afternoon to evening.

The air quality in the area of the Sydney Basin will get much worse until a cold front will bring rain late in the afternoon.

Speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr Richard Broome, Director of Environmental Health said that people with chronic respiratory and cardiovascular conditions should stop or reschedule strenuous outdoor activities.

“Dust may aggravate existing heart and lung conditions and cause symptoms like irritated eyes and a cough,” Dr Broome said.

“People with conditions including asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and heart disease should monitor their symptoms throughout the day.”

He also said that anyone suffering from asthma, should follow their Asthma Action Plan.


“It’s a good idea to make sure you carry your reliever puffer with you.”

“Symptoms can occur for several days after dust is inhaled, so people with chronic conditions need to be vigilant with their treatment programs.”

If your symptoms do not improve, do not hesitate to seek medical advice or in an emergency, dial triple zero.

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