When the contestants of Married At First Sight auditioned for the show we’re sure that they thought the scariest thing that they would ever do is walking down the aisle to marry a complete stranger.

But boy were they wrong. Welcome to the Kyle and Jackie O Haunted House!

We invited some of this season’s favourites: Nasser, Troy, Ryan, Jo, Blair, Gab, Alicia and Justin to be the first ones to test out the Kyle and Jackie O Haunted House before we open it to the crowds at the Easter Show…Just to make sure that it was scary enough for all of you out there.

And we have to say based on their reactions, this might just be the SCARIEST house we’ve created yet!

There was screams, jumps, a few tears and even some nervous laughter from Troy. But while it was a TERRIFYING experience for the MAFS contestants, it’s created some serious comedy gold for us! Check out their reactions in the video above.

Are you brave enough to enter the Kyle and Jackie O Haunted House at this year’s Easter Show?