For all those playing along at home each morning whenever we do the Pop Quiz on the Kyle and Jackie O show but are too scared to call up to play for real, here’s a little bit of inspiration for you. It really IS possible to win big!!

This morning Mary from Greystanes had her shot at the quiz which tests a listener’s knowledge on popular culture, celebrity gossip and entertainment news. Jackie explained that Mary had 60 seconds to answer 10 questions. If she got all ten correct she would win the ten grand, otherwise it’s $100 for each correct answer.

As the clock started, Mary was on a roll answering question after question without so much as a pause to think. As we got to question seven Mary stumbled for a moment as she had to answer who Camila Cabello is dating, before eventually remembering it was Matthew Hussey, who had been on our show just last week.

Dating Expert Matthew Hussey Tells Us The Sneaky Way Women Can Make The First Move


Mary was on a complete roll! Finally, it all came down to one question. The question that would stand between her and $10,000. Who was the headlining act at Splendour In The Grass in Byron Bay over the weekend?

Mary umm-ed and ahh-ed, saying she had “no idea” before taking a stab in the dark and answering, Kendrick Lamar right on the buzzer. And well, that one guess has now made her $10,000 richer!!!

“That hasn’t gone off for AGES!” exclaimed Jackie. “I’m so glad you won Mary! I can’t believe that just happened.”


Mary couldn’t believe it either and was brought to tears at the shock of winning the life changing money. And it looks like she truly was deserving of the cash telling us that this money will make her life so much easier.

“[I’m] like inundated in bills. I’ll feel so relieved after I pay all these bills,” said Mary through sobs.

So the next time you think, ‘should I or shouldn’t I call to play the pop quiz?’, the answer should always be YES! You never know, you could end up $10K richer too, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

The Pop Quiz plays every morning with Kyle and Jackie O after 7am.

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