As a man who wakes up at the crack of dawn to do breakfast radio for a living, Kyle needs to get a good night’s sleep. But apparently with Imogen’s dad around, that’s a bit of a tough ask.

The reason being that Immy’s dad, 50 something-year-old Anthony, is what Kyle would describe as a “loose bit of work” and from time to time finds himself acting more like a teenager than a middle aged man.

A prime example of this was just a few nights ago when Kyle, Imogen and her father Anthony had all just arrived back from their trip to Hawaii.

Kyle had been trying to get some sleep when he suddenly woke to a loud noise in the middle of the night. Brushing it off, he turned on the television and lay back thinking that everything was fine and he would eventually fall back asleep.

But little did he know, downstairs it was far from fine. Kyle suddenly heard more loud noises; this time crashing, banging and a bit of yelling. As it turns out, all of the ruckus was coming from Imogen’s dad in the living room.


“So I went downstairs where Anthony was running, crashing, slamming doors and throwing things around,” explained Kyle dramatically. “I said ‘what’s wrong with you?’”.

And well, you won’t BELIEVE what was wrong with Anthony! Watch the video above to find out just what caused all of the fuss in the middle of the night in the Sandilands household.

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