When it comes to losing weight and making ourselves feel great in our own skin we all have our own personal ways to keep us motivated.

For some, it’s an upcoming special event such as a wedding or formal. For others it might be keeping track of your progress in various images.

But for Jackie, the way that she has kept herself motivated, through all of the jujitsu training, F45 and even the fad bacon diet, was by holding on to a dress that she loved from her past.

Many people might remember the dress from an old Kyle and Jackie O promo and in Jackie’s eyes it was the one outfit that she thought made her look and feel her absolute best. Jackie called it her ‘goal weight dress’ because it was the one item of clothing that would make her feel accomplished if she could still fit into it.

“When was the last time you think, we’re going back years, you realised it wouldn’t zip up and it’s never been worn since?”, asked Kyle.

“Like ten years ago or something,” replied Jackie.

Of course, anyone would be a bit nervous to try on a piece of clothing that they haven’t squeezed into for a whole DECADE!! I know for certain that if I tried to jiggle myself into an old pair of jeans from just a few years ago that I certainly wouldn’t succeed.


But of course, Jackie has been living her year of saying ‘yes’ to pretty much anything thanks to an adventurous New Year’s resolution, and so Kyle got Jackie to agree to strip down behind a curtain and try on her goal weight dress live on air!

Did it fit? Find out in the video above!