Umm did our former radio rival Hamish Blake just hang up on Jackie O?!

We were chatting with one half of the dynamic duo Hamish and Andy this morning to discuss his current trip to New York as well as the upcoming episodes of True Story when things took a rather unexpected turn!

Things were going well at first, after all Kyle and Jackie have always had a great relationship with Hamish and Andy, but things appeared to turn south when Jackie decided to jump off book and ask a question that it seemed Hamish didn’t like too much!

It all began when Jackie asked Hamish about the trip on the plane to and from New York. Being a father to two young children, Jackie wondered whether to long flights were a bit of a nightmare like they can be for some parents.

“When you travel back to Australia, how are your kids with travelling?”, asked Jackie. “Coz New York’s kind of a long flight.”

Hamish responded saying that he’s actually been pretty lucky in this regard having scored night time flights and his kids have mostly slept or watched movies without much complaint up until this point.

“It is a long flight, I think we’re lucky we’ve got night flights which help coz they can just curl up and eventually you know, nature has to run it’s course and they go to sleep,” said Hamish. “But also Sonny, he can watch movies now and that’s a game changer…I think that’s what’s going to get us home.”


It was at this time that Jackie decided to ask a follow up question.

“Do you guys fly business or first class?” she asked.

But before we could get a response from Hamish there was a click and then all that was left was a dial tone!!

Jackie started to freak out! Had Hamish just been so offended by her question that he decided to slam the phone down on her?!

“Oh I always ask the wrong question!”, exclaimed Jackie through laughter.

“Why the tough questions! You know Hamish wants to be a man of the people!”, added Kyle, before he decided to put her mind and ease and break to her what had really happened.


“Let me just tell you, I know you want to think that, but the cell service in America is terrible…It’s the worst.”

Yep it’s all good guys! The network connection from here to New York where Hamish is just isn’t great. At least that’s what we’re hoping happened…Please still be our friend Hamish!!

Watch the hilarious moment take place in the video above!

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