You know the saying that nobody’s perfect? Well this video just put it to shame because bloody hell Ed Sheeran and Anne Marie are INSANELY perfect when they put their voices together.

Anne Marie has been topping the charts with her single 2002 for a while now, but what you might not know about the song is that Ed Sheeran and her wrote it together.

Although that’s not really all too surprising actually because Ed Sheeran has pretty much had a hand in writing a song for every artist out there… The guy’s a lyric magician we swear!

Anyway, this time Ed has decided to come out from behind the sheet music and sing one of the songs that he co-wrote with fellow musician Anne Marie as the pair take on an acoustic cover of the pop song.

And well, it’s seriously amazing. Like this is exactly what we needed to hear to get us through a long day of work and through to the weekend.


And what’s even better than the sound of their incredible voices is that the pair are adorable and look like the best of friends having a playful sing-along around the campfire in the video.

Check it out in the video above. We promise you won’t be disappointed. In fact, we bet you’ll be playing this on repeat all day! We know we will be.

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