One dog owner in Sydney has sent a warning to other pet owners after her greyhound almost died from eating poisoned meatballs in a Sydney park.

Sydney woman Lily Kenny was walking Lola the greyhound in the park at the end of Perry Lane in Lilyfield yesterday when she suddenly noticed the dog eating something hidden in the grass.

Ms Kenny immediately pulled the item from Lola’s mouth, finding it to be a small meatball with small green pellets inside, believed to be rat poison.

“I thought this was a dog friendly area,” Ms Kenny told 9NEWS.

Lola was rushed to the vet where her stomach was pumped. The vet said that if Ms Kenny had not acted as quickly as she did, Lola would have died.

“If I didn’t notice that little pellet, I would have had no idea,” continued Ms Kenny.

After returning to the park, Ms Kenny was horrified to find a number of the meatballs laced with the green pellets hidden throughout the park.


“We really are appalled there’s some deranged individual out there who thought it was a good idea to endanger dogs, children and families by doing something like this,” said Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne to 9NEWS.

Ms Kenny is now warning other dog owners in the area and across Sydney to be extra cautious when walking your dog and to monitor what they put in their mouths.

Source: 9NEWS

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