In the most annoying little Facebook tweak in recent memory, the social network appears to be pushing the power of the share harder than ever.

Now, commenting on a friend’s link in your facebook feed can easily be mistaken for sharing and ‘saying something’ about that post..! The only way to take back this action is to go onto your own profile and delete the shared post. 

The comment field below a link in the News Feed automatically changes to a share field now. This happens whenever you click a link in my News Feed and then return to Facebook.

If you’re in the habit of leaving comments and hitting Enter, this means insta-sharing stuff you probably didn’t mean to share. Obviously Facebook is trying to drum up even more interactivity—if you’re commenting, why not share and comment?—but the feature is as misleading as it is smoothly implemented. 

It’s funny that this test feature—which doesn’t appear to have rolled out too far yet—makes it so easy to share, whereas any Facebook tool that lets you disengage or unfollow generally requires at least two clicks.

Don’t be too quick with your clicks on Facebook these days!! Slow down and check what you’re doing! 


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