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Yes you read that correctly, you can legitimately spend new years eve with Justin Bieber, but it’ll come at a slight cost… $500,000 to be exact.

Don’t have a lazy half a mil lying around? Don’t worry, that’s the price for you and nine friends to be hangin with the Biebs, so really it’s a mere $50k each. Pocket change, right?!

For those who are lucky enough to still be able to make this a reality, read on to find out what the dollars will get you, which includes a whole lot more than the man himself.

Basically, you’re buying the deluxe package for his NYE show at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach which includes five nights at the resort for you and your fellow Beliebers.

But that’s far from all, according to, here’s just a taste of what you’ll receive…

If you need to zip around town in style, you’ll have your own exclusive use of supercars including a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, 488 Spider, Rolls Royse Phantom, McLaren 650s Spider, Aston Martin DB9 Volante and more. 


A stocked private, poolside cabana at Fontainebleau’s iconic pool scape. Because you can’t be mixing with the general population if you’re paying this much coin!

Diamonds, beautiful diamonds! You’ll have up to $100,000 to spend on a private shopping spree at Timeless (Fontainebleau’s exclusive jewelry store).

Chef-led private dinners on December 29 and 30 to wet your taste buds before the big event.

A stage-front table for Justin Bieber performance on NYE, of course.

And just because the clock hits midnight doesn’t mean it stops there. You’ll have private escorts to see Skrillex perform live, with the best table available and 15L bottle of premium champagne. Oh, and you can hang in his DJ booth, no biggie.

Skrillex not enough? Ok, they’ll take you to go see DJ Marshmello at another venue via private escort, travelling by PRIVATE YACHT with champagne and catering, in case you haven’t had enough already.


Oh, and you’ll be able to hang in his DJ booth too. Been there done that.

So, $50k isn’t THAT much money is it?? Oh, reality.

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