If you need more cuteness in your life… here’s the solution! 

There really is nothing that provides instant happiness, and limitless joy, more than cute puppies.

Seriously, nothing compares. We’ve surveyed the population, ran the studies, crunched the numbers, analysed that data. And the equation keeps coming back the same:

Puppies + You = Happiness

It’s science. It’s maths. It’s psychology. It’s intuition. And it’s just common sense. The whole kit and caboodle. And the good news for you is this:

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia relies on the support of volunteer Puppy Carers to provide loving homes for their puppies for the first 12 to 15 months of their lives. Puppy Caring is a demanding yet very rewarding role and sees many carers return time and time again. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia are always looking for more Puppy Carers as well as Temporary Dog Carers to help them during the important early development and training of Seeing Eye Dogs.

To find out more, or apply to be a Puppy Carer —> CLICK HERE 


In the meantime, WATCH the video and see just how much happiness these adorable puppies brought to Will & Woody.

Like puppies, Will & Woody are cute, entertaining, and yet to be toilet trained. Catch them live on your airwaves from 4-6pm weekdays!

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