Selena Gomez is shopping around for the perfect guy now that she and Bieber are done for good – and now we know her deal-breakers.

In the wake of Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin, all eyes are on Selena Gomez to see who she’s gonna hook up with next, if she’s on the rebound or acting out.

Turns out Sel is in the market for the ‘perfect guy’ and doesn’t have time to mess around with f*ckboys anymore.

Reportedly, these things are on her shopping list: “Someone smart, funny and cute, who’s in the industry, successful and understanding of her busy schedule.. but he doesn’t have to be famous.”

And as for the deal-breakers, she’s pretty specific, “If a guy’s Instagram is full of selfies, that is a no-go, and she wants a guy with integrity that she can trust completely.”

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