It’s the end of a long week and just to make you feel even more fragile along comes this heart wrenching story of an elderly dog being reunited with his soldier owner.

These videos have been doing the rounds for a while now, but there’s something about this one that kicked us right in the feels.

Buddy is a Golden Retriever who lives in Cleveland, Ohio and it’s fair to say he’s getting on a bit.

At 13 years old, every day is a gift for lovely Buddy.

He has arthritis and is mostly deaf, but nothing was gonna stand in the way of him showing how thrilled he was when his owner, Private Hannah Foraker, 21, returned home from training.

It’s the part where he rests his gorgeous paw on her lap that gets us the most, dogs truly are a man’s best friend.


The video has already racked up nearly five million views!

And to really get you going, here’s some more magical moments just like this one, can someone pass the tissues!

Source Woman’s Day

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