There’s no denying that Boy George has a fabulously feisty personality, but it turns out that there’s one other Brit who may just be more cheeky than he is.

You wouldn’t pick it after her rather boring demeanour at the Royal Wedding but Boy George reckons that Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, wasn’t always as serious as she is now and that she actually had a little fun with him when they met at a radio station once.

Jackie was asking George if he knew Victoria personally when he explained that they weren’t good friends but that he did have a pretty hilarious story involving the fashion icon.

“I don’t know her personally but we definitely met,” said George. “I asked her to sign an autograph for me many years ago and so she wrote ‘To the bitch, f*$! off!’.


And while many people might get offended by that, it turns out it was all in jest and Becks was just having some fun with George! In fact, George actually asked her to write him something rather cheeky.

“She’s a little bit more serious now isn’t she, but this was a fun moment in her life,” explained George. “I nabbed her at a radio station and said will you write something funny on this for me and she wouldn’t write what I asked her to write, but she wrote, ‘to the bitch, f*$! off’.”

Okay so not only did George ask her to write him the pretty scandalous message but the one he originally asked for was far, far worse than what she ended up penning in the message. We were shocked enough to hear even these words come from Posh!

So it turns out that while George won’t take any crap for anyone while he’s here down under judging on The Voice, the one person that he will take the attitude from is Victoria Beckham.

In fact he’s so proud of the moment that he said he’s actually got the autograph hanging up to this day as a little memento in his kitchen! But wow if you didn’t know the context behind that story you might seriously think that Victoria Beckham has some serious beef with Boy George!

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