The ex-Geordie Shore castmember has been unbelievably generous with photos that exactly no-one asked for, and it’s making us dry-heave.

Vicks absolutely SHREDDED her baby toe after taking part in a charity walk in Iceland, which saw her trekking 60km in aid of breast cancer awareness; the pain was apparently so bad that her foot went completely numb, and she had to be propped up in a wheelchair at an Icelandic hospital.

But while the first couple of photos of her dodgy toe were shielded by bandages, the reality TV star has taken gross to a whole new level and shared THIS on Twitter.

WARNING: Please be careful. This is stomach-churning stuff.


BRB, just have to have a lie down.

We heartily commend Vicks for doing her part for charity but love, please. Think of the children. 

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