The top five baby name trends for 2016 have been announced! spoke to demographer and social researcher Mark McCrindle regarding baby-name trends for the following year and here is what he has to say…

Trend 1: The decade fade

“A name is popular for about a decade and then it starts to fade. A classic example is Jack. It dominated most years in the first decade or so of the 21st century but it’s starting to fall down the list. It became a victim of its own success. Lachlan is another name that was often first or second on the list but is now starting to fade” he said. 

“On the girls’ side, the key names of the first decade of the 2000s included Ella, Emily, Georgia and Chloe. Now were starting to see those names drop because of the decade fade”. 

His predictions: Charlotte, Emily, Noah and Cooper are on their way out. 

Trend 2: Short & Sweet names 


“A few decades ago, three-syllable boys’ names such as Benjamin, Christopher and Nicolas were at the top of the list. But if you look at the top names currently, there’s a shorter theme: Jack, Noah, Thomas, Lucas and James. 

While girls’s names still have a tendency to be longer, there is also change there. Short names such as Mia, Ava, Ruby and Ella have been consistently popular. 

His predictions: Eve, Gia, Ivy for girls and Ash, Ed and Max for the boys. 

Trend 3: 50s Chic 

With the 50s being trendy in pop culture at the moment, that period is also having influence on baby names. 

“Names like Judith, Marie, Frances and Diane were in the top list in the ’50s and enough time has passed that they’re coming back. For boys, Joseph, Anthony and even Bernard are gaining some traction. If a name is within our generation, it doesn’t get picked up – it’s what we grew up with so we don’t want to name our kids that. But if we go back far enough to our grandparents’ age, that’s where a lot of parents are choosing names. Maybe it’s due to a yearning for those simpler days” he said. 


His predictions: Robyn, Heather, Stephen and Andrew will all be popular next year. 

Trend 4: From life stage to lifelong 

Parents are increasingly conscious about choosing a name that will suit their children throughout their entire lives. This is largely due to the fact that kids are going to live longer and work later than any previous generation so their names need to last. 

Predictions: Audrey, Violet, Daniel and Edward. 

Trend 5: From name to brand 

Parents are keen to give their kids a chance to create their own brand and identity without giving them a contrived name either. 


These names include Hudson, Luca, Flynn, Ryder, Beau, Ava, Eden, Stella and Summer. 

Predictions: Olive and Sage for girls and Orson and Sawyer for the boys. 

Source: Kidspot

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