Matt Agnew and his winner isn’t the only relationship that everyone’s talking about from The Bachelor this season.

After both girls were eliminated from the Bachie mansion, Vakoo and Rachael were thought to have started up a relationship together after they were spotted out on a romantic date, kissing and holding hands.

While nothing was confirmed before, it’s definitely certain now that the pair are dating following their chat with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

Both girls joined us for separate chats during the show today, revealing that they’re still exploring things and keeping it rather casual, but that they’re definitely seeing each other.

“It’s all pretty casual. We’ve definitely kissed,” Rachel told us while in studio this morning. “We’ve definitely been just seeing what’s happening and exploring I guess you could say.”

Rachael also said that this is the first time that both girls have been in an actual relationship with a woman before and so they’re taking it slow.

“This is both of our first time so that’s why it’s still, it’s pretty new and we’re taking it slow. Honestly there’s not much to report on.”


Vakoo reiterated Rachael’s comments, telling us that they’re really happy with how things are going.

“We’re really good friends anyway so we just talk constantly as friends and while we’re trying to figure things out, so yeah,” Vakoo said. “But it’s going really good and we’re really happy.”

As for how their romance actually started in the first place, Vakoo told us that she was really attracted to Rachael while they were still in the Bachelor mansion and even tried to kiss her!

“In the house, I don’t know Rachael just had this vibe that I really, there was something different about her,” Vakoo explained.


“So I would actually always tried to get her to kiss me in the house but she would never do it. Overtime I would just be like, ‘Come on let’s kiss. Let’s just see’, and she just wouldn’t do it at first.”

It wasn’t actually until after the pair met up outside of the Bachelor house that they shared their first kiss.

“I wanted to start hanging out once we got off the show and it didn’t take that long,” Vakoo continued. “We kind of just kissed one night at her house, a drunken kiss and then it kind of just went into that.”

As for the future, Vakoo and Rachael aren’t putting any pressure on their relationship and are just going to go with the flow from here.

“I think we’re just having a bit of fun,” Vakoo said. “I think everyone’s trying to make it something really, really serious, and that you know people can’t just experiment or have a good time, but that’s what we’re doing.”

“It’s very casual at the moment,” Rachael added.


We’re so happy for these girls!

Hear more from our chat with Rachael in the video above and our chat with Vakoo in the video below.