Forget Tinder. Forget Bumble. Forget online dating and those pesky ads for ‘hot singles in your area’. And whatever you do, don’t try a cheesy pickup line at a bar.

Why? Because a new social movement was born live on national radio last week.

It’s Will & Woody’s #SocksOut If You’re Single. And it’s primed to take the country by storm today, on Valentine’s Day. 

Motivated by the desire to help out single Aussies, last week on air, the boys encouraged singles to reveal themselves by hanging their socks out their car window. And incredibly, the results were instant. We received a call from a man who saw a lady in a blue Mazda driving with a stocking out her window. We then received a call from that very lady, and we connected the two of them live on air. It was a beautiful moment. And the first of hopefully hundreds of feel good stories. 

Click here to see step by step how #SocksOut works.

 To get involved, all you have to do is stick your sock out your car window tomorrow. And to join the social media convo, post a pic tagging #SocksOut and @willandwoody

We’ll have our street teams giving out special edition today at the following locations:


  • Glenelg, Jetty Road 
  • McDonalds, Hindley Street 
  • Harbour Town 
  • Ribs & Burgers, James Street
  • Waterford Plaza 4-4.30pm
  • Carousel Shopping Centre 4:45 – 5:15
  • Bentley Plaza 5:30 – 6pm
  • Domain carpark, near St Mary’s Cathedral
  • Chatswood Shopping Centre carpark
  • Victoria University carpark (Footscray)
  • Highpoint Shopping Centre carpark
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