Most of the couples from this year’s crazy season of MAFS have fallen apart with no success in love…or life to be honest.

But for the contestants that stood out, we’re talking Stacey, Lizzie, Michael Goonan, Hayley, Cathy….this might be their big break!

American network ‘Lifetime’ has announced that they’ll air the latest Aussie season of MAFS on their screens.

All 36 episodes will be shown which is a first for the Australian version of the reality show!

There’s one BIG difference between the US version of the show and the Australian…

You won’t believe this.

THEY LEGALLY GET MARRIED IN THE US, whereas it’s just a commitment ceremony at the end of the Australian one.



God, America is nuts.

Maybe they’re used to a different type of crazy and our show won’t hit as hard there?

We shall see!

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