Did this tradie walk under a ladder recently? Because seriously he’s got to be one of the unluckiest blokes on his worksite at the moment after he JUST missed out on winning millions with his work mates in the lotto.

For a few weeks now a group of tradesmen in Sydney’s south-west at Haines Brothers Earthmoving site have been pitching in $10 each to purchase a lotto ticket each week.

After seeing slim pickings in the recent draws, Jake and one other tradie decided to opt out of the syndicate this week, with Jake choosing instead to spend the $10 on a burger for lunch.

And well would you believe that this is the one week that the group not only won in the lotto, but they won a whopping $2.2 million in Saturday’s Lotto Superdraw! What are the odds!

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning during the news (which in case you’re feeling confused by the video above was ready by Pedro today with Brooklyn off sick) Jake said that he was guttered by his bad luck.

“I went to work on Tuesday and I see them all there laughing at me,” he said. “We won 120 grand and you won nothing.”

The winning millions will be split between 16 guys on the site meaning each one will take home about $137,500 each. But for poor old Jake, all he got was the burger he bought instead of his ticket.


“I went down the road and got myself a nice burger,” Jake continued. “It definitely was not worth $120K.”

Jake’s boss David also called through this morning and he sounded much more chipper after he claimed a big load in the lotto. He laughed when Kyle and Jackie asked him about Jake and said he’d been a bit upset about it.

“Poor bugger,” he laughed. “He’s a bit cut up about it.”

The syndicate’s winning entry was one of nine division one winners across Australia in Saturday’s Lotto draw on September 1. Each entry won a division one prize of $2,222,222,23.

Guess this just goes to show that you’ve always gotta be in it to win it!

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