A man claims he caught a UFO on camera while flying his drone.

In this video you will see an unidentified flying object speed past the camera.

The footage has caused a huge debate as to whether or not it is real.

One person wrote,

“I am a believer, but sadly I think this has been added in… if you pause through the frames you can see it sits inside a blurred rectangle… the blurred rectangle does not match the background. Sorry try again!”

The own of the video replied to the comment saying,

“What you see is exactly what was filmed by the camera, it has only been shortened (the entire video is 9 minutes 20 seconds long). I also don’t have the time, expertise or desire to pull off a hoax. I personally think the object is either a bug, bird or reflection. The only thing I do know is that It was not edited in.”


Another person said,

“If you look carefully it speeds up considerably. As if it had just noticed it was spotted on film. It was already travelling fast but gains speed in an instant at a rate no military aircraft is capable of even with afterburner boost. “

Watch the video very closely and decide for yourself!


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