Silly season is officially here, which means most of us are celebrating the end of year with parties and of course, alcohol. Tis definitely the season for drinking! 

There’s one seriously tragic downside to party season. Every year in Australia, hundreds of people are killed in car crashes that involve a drunk driver.  And globally, the World Health Organization estimates that a whopping 30 to 40 percent of road deaths are caused by alcohol.

Most alcohol related incidents happen late at night, over the weekend – exactly when it’s typically been hardest to get home, because in many cities public transport is limited and taxis are also few and far between.

Well, we have some RAD news about an initiative that’s trying to curb these tragic and totally unnecessary road deaths.

Everyone’s favourite ride-sharing service, Uber , is partnering up with safe drinking campaign DrinkWise to offer $1 MILLION in ride discounts this festive season in a bid to reduce road deaths and injuries. 

Perfect for when you’ve just had just one too many!


Throughout December and January, Uber will be handing out $20 off discount codes to new and existing users in 200 licensed venues in NSW and Victoria.

This means that if your trip is less than $20, it will be FREE.

If you’ve used Uber before, you’ll know that you can get pretty far for under $20 (unless you’re a slick Uber Black kind of rider). 

Soooo, it looks like A LOT of us will be nabbing free rides home this season (with free water and mints to try alleviate that hangover that’s about to hit) 


Find out more about it HERE

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