Tyra Banks took over the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, joining us direct from our LA studios with Kyle.

It was like catching up with an old bestie that you haven’t seen in years as we got to chatting about literally everything from Tyra’s brand new attraction Model Land, to dating advice to her current acting ventures.

And by the sounds of it, Tyra is one busy, busy bee!

Not only is the 46-year-old beauty working on a new TV show for US streaming service QuiBi (Quick Bites) which is literally called Beauty, but this morning she CONFIRMED that one of her infamous films is getting another sequel.

Yep, Life Size 3 is legit happening! Our tween selfs are screaming right now!


20-years on from the original film which saw Tyra star as a doll come to life alongside a young Lindsay Lohan, and following the sequel which dropped in 2018, a third film is currently in the works.

“I’m working on, I did a movie called Life Size and I did it with Lindsay Lohan almost 20-years ago, Tyra began.

“Oh I work with her on the Masked Singer,” Jackie informed Tyra.

While Lindsay wasn’t involved in the sequel film and it doesn’t sound like she’ll become involved with the third, another film is definitely on the way.


“Well I did a sequel to that movie, Life Size 2 and it did really well,” Tyra continued. “We’re working on Life Size 3.”

YEESSS!! Bring it on!

Along with the third film, Tyra’s working on a broadway show and of course is perfecting her attraction Model Land for it’s grand opening in Santa Monica.

What can’t this girl do? Talk about a boss!

Hear more from our EPIC chat with the one and only Tyra Banks in the podcast below!

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