We’d imagine that something happens when you reach the kind of fame the Kar-Jenners have where even the weirdest of actions seem totally normal.

But a recent revelation about Tyga’s bedroom habits has even us struggling to reason it out – and it seems even Kylie can’t quite wrap her head around it either.

Apparently the self-confessed “King” can’t bring himself to take off his hectic gold jewellery before he hits the hay every night, because, according to him, true royalty NEVER remove their bling.

“Sleeping next to Tyga is like laying your head on a chain link fence at night – it’s not cool and very uncomfortable,” a source told Hollywood Life. “That’s what Kylie’s nights are like because T refuses to sleep without all his chains and rings on. 

“It’s so weird and annoys the hell out of Kylie to the point where she has to put big pillows in between them so his chains aren’t hitting her in the head of hit the couch in the middle of the night.”

That’s not hot.


“Tyga tells Kylie all the time that he’s a real king and kings always sleep in full regalia, including jewellery,” the source continued. “Kylie laughs at Tyga’s reasoning and loves him to death, but she wishes he would disrobe himself of all the gold and diamonds when they’re in bed.”

Sounds like sleeping beside a bicycle chain to us.

Love, hey?!

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