If you’ve been watching The Bachelor, no doubt you’re as addicted as the rest of the country.

‘Who will he CHOOSE?!’ I can hear you screaming, well the good news is this week we’re about to get a couple of steps closer to knowing.

According to a report in NW, one of Richie’s bachelorettes will reject his rose during a ceremony while another is evicted after a ‘failed one-on-one date’.

It is not yet known who Richie sends packing following their alone time experience.

One of the beauties told NW that she doesn’t believe Richie will miss her presence because ‘he has, like 10 other girlfriends…he doesn’t need me’.

According to TV Week magazine, one of the mystery women apologises after rejecting the rose while asking him to speak outside.

‘I just explained that the environment – where there are just so many girls and it’s very competitive – was distracting,’ she told the publication.


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‘I just knew I wasn’t going to fall in love with him in that environment.’

This news comes just a week after New Idea published Megan Marx will leave Richie ‘devastated’ after walking out on him on the show.

‘She [Megan] admitted she didn’t think Richie was being true to himself by keeping drama queen Keira [Maguire] in for ratings,’ a source told the publication.

‘He was absolutely devastated,’ they continued, adding: ‘It was the last thing he expected, and he felt a strong connection with her.’

Throughout the season, bachelorettes have hinted that Richie’s body odour has been a mood killer. An insider told New Idea earlier in the year: ‘Many of them confessed they wouldn’t have applied for the show if they’d known Richie would be their prize, and a fair few expressed their desire to leave more than once’.


Source: Daily Mail

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