Remember baby Emma on ‘Friends’? You know, Ross and Rachel’s daughter!

Well, you’re about to feel super old. 

Fifteen years ago, Noelle and Cali Sheldon were just babies when they shared the role of Emma on the iconic TV show. 

Now at 16, they’re starring in one of the year’s most anticipated films – Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’. 

No longer portraying comedic characters, Noelle and Cali have tried their luck in the thriller/horror genre, playing sisters Becca and Lindsey – the daughters of Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker in the film. 

The film – and the teenagers’ performances – has been getting rave reviews with Jordan Peele, who wrote and directed the film, stating that the twins “really steal the show” in their scenes. 


From 2003 to 2004, both twins appeared in eight episodes of Friends and while they obviously don’t remember their time on set, they are big fans of the show. 

I grew up knowing that I was on Friends, but I didn’t realise the extent of it until I was 10,” Noelle told ET in 2015. 

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Television and film productions often cast twins to play young children since child labor laws only allow each child to work a limited amount of hours. 

Noelle and Cali believe their latest film is the most high-profile production they have been in since Friends. 

“So happy I got to be a part of this movie, it looks amazing and terrifying!’ Noelle wrote on Instagram.


“Thankful to be part of such an important project, and to get to work with such amazing and talented people,” said Cali.

Friends fans have also expressed their excitement and shock at the twins’ new role.


Anybody else feel super old now?

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