Other than Tiger King, the show that had us getting through 2020 was the part reality show, part game show, part dating show, The Circle.

A quick primer because, yo, it’s been awhile but the concept is straight outta the lockdown playbook.

Eight contestants are all sequestered into separate apartments in the same building and compete against each other with daily challenges etc through a speech-to-text social media platform called The Circle to earn clout and, ultimately $100K. Thing is, some of them aren’t who they appear to be to their fellow contestants… catfish are circling!

There’s a Brazilian and French version of the show and, including the US franchise, they’re all filmed in the same apartment building in the UK.

Netflix will drop Season 2 of the US version on Wednesday, April 14!

However, like Season 1, not all the eps will drop at once.

After launching on April 14, new eps will appear on April 21, 28, and finale on May 5th.