Ever since this season of Married At First Sight started we all had one question on our lips – Where the heck is Lizzie?

Returning after a pretty tumultuous season last year, it was revealed that Elizabeth Sobinoff would be returning for a second shot at love on this season of the show.

But when all of the weddings took place in the first two weeks, fans were wondering why Liz hadn’t walked down the aisle for the second time yet.

It quickly became apparent that she must be an intruder this season, something that was introduced last year, and would be coming into the show later on. But when?

Well now we officially have work that Lizzie will be getting married on the show NEXT WEEK! So grab your popcorn and get ready to see if the second time will be the charm for ol’ Liz.


Kyle and Jackie O were chatting with Hayley from this season of MAFS this morning following the reveal of the toothbrush scandal during last night’s episode.

After unpacking all of that madness, Jackie asked Hayley when we can expect to see Elizabeth join the show and she told us that it’s all about to go down.

“When does Elizabeth come in and get married?” Jackie asked.

“Next week,” Hayley revealed with a laugh. “She’s interesting.”

Hayley then revealed that she actually has a massive fight with Elizabeth on the show.

“Me ad Elizabeth have a bit of a row,” Hayley admits.


Now if you’re thinking, with Elizabeth only entering the show next week, does that mean that Hayley and David DON’T leave during the commitment ceremony on Sunday? Otherwise how else would they even meet…

But Hayley seemed to say that she meets Elizabeth when she returns for some sort of girls night.

“When I go back for the girls night yep, which was interesting,” Hayley told us . “Flies at me like a banty.”

“Why does she target you?” Jackie asked.

“Well you’ll have to wait and see Jacks,” Hayley laughed.

Oh dear, well it looks like Elizabeth’s second time on the show isn’t going to be all too smooth sailing once again… Let’s hope her actual relationship is at least better this time around!


Hear more from our chat with Hayley in the podcast below!

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