How would you respond if you found A Current Affair out front of your place, asking to talk about their usual ‘petty squabble with your neighbours’? Do you let them in and calmly talk the issue through? Do you do the old ‘escape to my car while I try to hide my face with a newspaper’? Or do you do what this family did, whip out the hose and in true Aussie fashion, send the reporter packing with freshly-soaked clothes?

Last night on A Current Affair, the subjects of the latest featured squabble, took that last option, and it is everything we could hope it to be. As reporter Sam Cucchiara goes through the normal ACA motions of repeatedly asking the family why they won’t speak to him, he is being blasted with the iconic green-tubed hose, and it’s amazing.

Hands down the best bit is when the hose-wielder gives up on responding to Cucchiara’s questions and directs the high-pressure stream straight down to the reporter’s groin. Definitely one way to avoid a conversation.

You can also see more of the segment on A Current Affair’s Twitter:


The story covers a squabble between public housing tenants and a disability pensioner, over claims the public housing tenants are terrorising their neighbours. As Cucchiara approaches the front yard, several kids appear, one armed with the hose in question. Asking the perhaps obvious question “What are you doing with the hose?”, Cucchiara is then subjected to the answer, continuing “Excuse me, sir. What are you doing? Do you think you own the street? … So you guys are being bullies to your neighbours and now you’re hosing us down?”

The story itself might be forgettable in the white noise of ACA’s domestic disputes, the great hosing will surely go down as one of the show’s all time great moments.

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