In today’s most unpopular opinion, Jackie O doesn’t understand why everyone’s obsessed with the new Netflix docuseries ‘Tiger King’.

Tiger King is basically the only thing people are talking about at the moment, you know apart from the coronavirus, because everyone’s been binging it while in self-isolation.

It basically plays into the whole true crime obsession that everyone has at the moment as it explores the bizarre and kinda dark underworld of big cat breeding.

It also introduces us to some of the most eccentric characters you’ll ever meet, Joe Exotic (his name along says it all) and Carole Baskin.

But unlike everyone else, Jackie just can’t get into it! And it seems to be a common theme here at the Kyle and Jackie O Show because Brooklyn is in the same boat!

“What a bunch of bloody weirdos on that show,” Kyle said on air during first calls this morning.


“Yeah well see I’m still not into it,” Jackie admitted.

She’s been trying to watch the first few episodes of the series because everyone keeps telling her how good it is, but so far, she hasn’t been drawn in like everyone else apparently has.

“And Brooklyn, you said you’re up to episode three or four and that it’s got a bit boring. Have you continued with it?” Jackie asked.

“No the whole household last night said, ‘Do we want to watch another episode?’ and we were like, ‘hmm nah’,” Brooklyn replied.

“Yeah see I don’t get what all the hoo ha’s about. It’s not that great,” Jackie added.

Sorry? That main character’s name is JOE EXOTIC! He has two husbands and sings songs and owns freaking Tigers? And on top of that there’s this whole murder mystery element! How can you think this isn’t the best entertainment ever?


But nope, they’re not convinced. Brooklyn said that he didn’t think the series needed to go on for as long as it does.

“It doesn’t need to be seven episodes. Maybe three,” he said.

“Yeah, put all the good stuff in three episodes. That’s all you need,” Jackie added. “It’s a bit slow I thought.”

We swear they must be about the only two people in the world right now who aren’t going crazy for this show!

Well, we’ll be talking to one of Joe’s husband’s (now ex-husband) John Finlay on the show tomorrow so hopefully speaking to someone from the show will help change their tune!

We honestly couldn’t recommend Tiger King more and if you haven’t watched it, don’t listen to Jackie and Brooklyn’s unpopular opinion… Give it a chance we say!


Want to know more about Tiger King? You can listen to a podcast about it below!