If you’ve been staying up to date with Timm Hanly’s love life like I have, then hop aboard the loser train! We’re going snooping!

The Bachelor in Paradise contestant has been seen around town with a girl that isn’t Britt Hockley, who’s he’s currently shacked up with in ‘Paradise’.

Obviously filming is over now, so who is this ‘mystery’ women?

It’s the classic story of ‘getting back together with your ex’, she is his on and off again ex-girlfriend Briana De La Motte of 5 years!

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, Timm broke up with Brittany after paradise and got back together with his ex.

“Timm and Brittany are not together [anymore]. They left Paradise together, but Timm ended things with her a few weeks after that, and she was devastated,” the podcast’s host Megan Pustetto revealed.

Now this doesn’t make him a bad person at all!


What does make him a little questionable is that APPARENTLY Briana and Timm were chatting throughout Timm’s run on Angie’s Bachelorette.

“I am told they were still in contact during Angie’s season. Timm hadn’t gotten over their break-up and would talk about her constantly in the house”, Megan continued, “They got back together once he was off the show, and they have been on and off since”.

Sounds very similar to Ciarran’s Renee story during Angie’s season.

Was anyone actually fully single during Angie’s run on the show??


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