Rick Kirkham, the cowboy hat-wearing producer from Tiger King, says that some of Joe Exotic’s worst behaviour wasn’t even shown in the Netflix doco.

We’re not sure who to believe when it comes to this show anymore, you wouldn’t call anyone on the show ‘trustworthy’.

Maybe Kirkham could be described as less-untrustworthy, if you ignore all the conjecture about him setting fire to the zoo…anyway.

In a series of interviews over the weekend, Kirkham has revealed some of the darker sides of Joe Exotic that didn’t even make it to the documentary.

“He treated the animals terribly, he treated the people that he worked with terribly. I can’t imagine any more evil a person, and for people to actually find sympathy for him? That blows my mind,” Kirkham told The Daily Beast.

“I witnessed him shoot and kill two tigers for no reason whatsoever, just because he was pissed off at them,” says Kirkham.

“One of them tried to get at him in a cage, and so he said, ‘Hey Rick, watch this! Shoot this,’ and I videotaped him shooting one right in the head. The other one was, Joe had been in surgery and tried to wake up early, and he was so scared of one of the tigers that he shot and killed the thing.”


The producer also added that he would often see Joe kick chickens into tiger cages, simply because he was in a bad mood.

“He enjoyed seeing people and animals hurt. He enjoyed it. He got off on it,” Kirkham says.

Kirkham’s are just the latest in a long line of revelations about Joe Exotic and the other characters on the show, with some labelling the doco’s treatment of Joe Exotic as overly sympathetic.