Remember Jeff Lowe? The guy who took over Joe Exotic’s “Animal Park”?

He’s officially announced that the zoo will be closing down once and for all.

Cue: *Animal lovers everywhere cheering!*

People Magazine reported on a now-deleted Facebook post, where Lowe posted

“The Tiger King phenomenon has definitely changed our lives in many ways. It has brought us more attention than any human deserves, good and bad. It has, and probably will continue to make us a target of every nut job and animal rights loon in the World, but we are prepared.”

“It has also provided us with an unfathomable source of income. Income that will guarantee the long term care of our animals and allow us to be very selective going forward. Rest assured that all the animals will continue to have excellent care, and consequently will no longer be subject to USDA inspections or PETA spies.”


The park’s official instagram account also posted a picture of Lowe with a baby tiger with the caption

“The big move is coming up! Stay tuned!”

So it sounds like the business is just moving location? Hopefully somewhere a little nicer….



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