Tiktok is exposing the secrets of Farmer Wants A Wife before it’s even started! Apparently one of the ‘farmers’ isn’t even a farmer and I mean…isn’t that the whole point of the show!

On the official Farmer Wants A Wife Tiktok they recently put up a promo video introducing all the new farmers, but they were hit with a bunch of exposing comments from people who claim to know one of the contestants – Farmer Sam.

Farmer Sam hails from Canowindra in NSW on a sheep and crops farm. His interests include motorbike riding, horse riding, water skiing, and fishing. He said he has devoted the past 4 years to his farm so seems pretty farmy, right?


Farmer Sam is a lover of family and adventure. Will he find someone to love too? July 4 on Channel 7

♬ Promoted Music – FarmerAU

Well according to the TikTok comments, Farmer Sam isn’t actually a farmer, which if true is absolutely shocking. One comment said ‘he used his brother’s farm to get on the show’. Another comment said that it’s a small family farm, more of a block than a farm, “He borrowed stock and machinery from local farmers. It’s not even a farm, it’s only 4 paddocks.”

If this is true, this is very controversial! We’re all for people finding love but the whole premise of the show is that they are FARMERS!


To make matters worse, there was also a claim that he had a long term girlfriend during the filming of the show! What is even going on!

It looks like the original promo video on TikTok was taken down along with the comments, and I don’t know about you but that seems pretty suss…


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