At the moment in TV land all we’re talking about is what’s doing well and what’s flopping in terms of the ratings.

But while everyone’s discussing the ultimate fate of Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules amid a ratings slump, apparently there’s actually another show we should be worried about being in the ratings hot seat… literally.

Rob McKnight from TV Blackbox joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to debunk everything going on in the ratings at the moment, when he revealed that a long running Channel Nine show could actually be on the chopping block due to poor ratings.

McKnight told us that he believes Eddie McGuire’s game show that plays on weeknights from 5pm-6pm, Millionaire Hot Seat, could be the next show to get the axe.

“Breaking ratings news,” Rob told us this morning. “In Adelaide Channel Nine have a major problem with Hot Seat and their news. The news is losing ratings and Channel Seven are getting a big bump from The Chase with Andrew O’Keefe, leading into their 6pm news.

“Nine are desperately trying to find out what they can do to get a better lead in,” Rob continued.

According to Rob, Adelaide have been used to test a different time slot for Hot Seat, swapping it to 4pm and then having two hours of news follow on from there. But apparently the ratings didn’t seem to be improving even after the change.


“Eddie McGuire’s Hot Seat in Adelaide yesterday rated five thousand viewers,” Rob claimed. “It’s a great way to kill a franchise.”

“The fact is, Hot Seat is on it’s way out,” Rob continued to say. “No matter what anyone tells you, Nine are looking for alternatives.”

According to Rob, they already have a replacement in mind. It’s a UK game show called Tipping Point, which he thinks could give Nine the ratings boost that they need.

“If you love the pokies, you will love Tipping Point,” he said. “I’m addicted to it… It’s good TV. But that will be the future. That’s my hot tip, Tipping Point will replace Millionaire Hot Seat in 2021.”

It’s a big claim, but Rob has proved to be right on topics such as this before! We guess we’ll just have to wait and see what fate holds for Millionaire Hot Seat.

Hear more in the podcast below!


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