The Proud Family originally premiered on the Disney Channel 18 years ago and over the years the show has become beloved for it’s characters, stories, humour and message about inclusion and cultural diversity.

So you can imagine just how excited we are about the news that the Disney show is officially getting a reboot!

Disney+ is bringing to life a new, animated sitcom called ‘The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder’ and it’s set to bring back the original voice cast!

“In our minds, the show never really went away, as we still had tons of stories left to tell. It’s the perfect time to bring back this show, and we can’t wait to take fans, old and new alike, on this journey with us,” said the executive producers in a joint statement.

The reboot will remain focused around the central character Penny Proud and will also include her hilarious family, parents Oscar and Trudy, twins BeBe and CeCe, grandma Suga Mama and of course her friends Dijonay Jones, LaCienega Boulevardez and Zoey Howzer.


The original voice actors including Kyla Pratt, Tommy Davidson, Paula Jai Parker, Joe Marie Payton and more will return to play their characters.

“The show’s humour and relatable stories are as relevant with audiences today as ever,” said Disney+ senior vice president Agnes Chu.

“Our audiences have loved rediscovering their favourite episodes of ‘The Proud Family’, and we’re excited Bruce, Ralph, Calvin and the returning cast are creating new stories for their new home on Disney+.”

No official release date has been given yet but you can catch up on the OG episodes of The Proud Family on Disney+ right now while we wait for the reboot!

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