It goes without saying, there’s one person in tonight’s Survivor All Stars finale that people are rooting for above the others.

David.The Golden God.

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Literally if you aren’t team David than what show have you been watching this whole time Survivor All Stars has been on because it certainly isn’t the same one as us! He’s outwitted, he’s outplayed, he’s outlasted and he’s been entertaining while doing it.

Not only do we think so, but David is the favourite to win on TAB at the moment and even the host of the show, Jonathan LaPaglia thinks he deserves the top spot.

But while Kyle and Jackie O were speaking with Jonathan about the finale this morning, he said one thing that has us worried for David’s fate tonight.


The thing is, the Survivor finale has actually already been filmed! It was shot last week with Osher Gunsberg filling in to host and Jonathan joining via video link from the US.

Jonathan confirmed this himself when he told us that he didn’t have any of the usual LA traffic while travelling to filming last week because the coronavirus has turned the place into a ghost town.

This finale was also filmed without the usual studio audience here in Australia as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Now with this already being filmed, this means that Jonathan already knows the outcome of the episode. So when we asked him who he wants to win the show, we figured we’d have to take every word he says very carefully for any clues!

And something he said about David has us worried that he doesn’t actually win, despite the fact that even Jonathan thinks that he deserves to!

“Who do you want to win? Who do you think has played the game the best?” Jackie asked.


“I think all three players have very distinct games which makes for an exciting finale and they’re all worthy winners,” he said.

“But look I’d be remised to say that you know, David, he’s probably all round played the best game from a strategic point of view, social point of view, physical point of view, but he’s also been supremely entertaining as well along the way. So he would be a great winner.”

The thing is, the qualities that make him a great winner to us also make him a massive threat to the other two players Sharn and Moana. So why would they take him to the final two with them?

Therefore, David’s fate relies heavily on whether or not he wins immunity during the final challenge tonight. If he wins, he’s through to the finale and in our opinion will likely win. But if he doesn’t get that necklace, then he’s likely to be sent packing!


“However, he needs to win that last challenge,” Jonathan explains. “If he doesn’t, there’s no way the other two girls are going to take him… That’s what happened to Harry last season.”

“That’s the devastating thing is if he doesn’t win that, the only reason those two girls won’t take him to the final tribal council is because he would win,” Jackie agreed.

So basically, David’s fate lies in one final challenge tonight! And we have no idea what that challenge could be! While he’s physically strong, the challenge could be anything and there’s no telling who could come out on top!

We’ll literally be sitting on the edge of our seats until we find out who wins Survivor All Stars tonight! Fingers crossed for David!

It all goes down tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10!