When I say everything… I mean everything I could ever want from a teen-angst tv drama.

All we’ve seen so far are teasers, but the ‘Official Trailer’ for the Gossip Girl reboot is finally here.

It’s got an insanely attractive cast, a lot of drama, intrigue, fashion… everything we miss from the original Gossip Girl!

It’s giving me a lot of Euphoria vibes… also, I don’t want to bring down the vibe but…

The show’s been really proud about the diversity of their cast, which it is culturally but everyone is SO THIN.

All the girls are absolutely TINY (and gorgeous) but… I have a niggling at the back of my head that teenage girls watching this are going to be a little bummed about the way they look afterward.

But to be the devil’s advocate, I guess you can’t really represent everyone without being a little tokenistic.


Ah well, it honestly still looks like a lot of fun!

You can watch the full trailer below:

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