At the moment on Married At First Sight we’re seeing some major issues going on between a lot of the couples, which basically doesn’t give us too much hope that any of them actually stay together after the show stops filming.

Speaking with Tash, who left MAFS last night after things didn’t work out between her and her on-screen wife Amanda (and that’s putting it lightly…), Tash didn’t do much to give us any hope for the remaining couples either.

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In fact, Tash told Kyle and Jackie O that the so called love experts didn’t do the best job in pairing any of the couples this season.

“We spoke to Connie the other day and she pretty much said of all the couples nobody makes it,” Jackie said to Tash this morning.

Tash sighed heavily before saying sarcastically, “Who are the experts? I’m confused”


While Tash didn’t really want to speak for the other couples, she did say that she thought it was ridiculous that they didn’t bring in another expert this season in order to match the show’s first lesbian couple.

She also slammed John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Dr Trisha Stratford for thinking that Amanda would be a good match for her.

“All I know is that they should have had a lesbian expert pairing the lesbians for god’s sake,” Tash told us.

“You’re saying the straight experts have no idea how to pair a gay couple?” Kyle asked.

“I mean, I’m a bit confused about all or most of the pairings but yeah, and I’ll tell you why” Tash continued.

“I think because every lesbian that is in my orbit and even strangers have reached out to me and been like, ‘What?! Why did that happen’,” Tash explained in relation to her match with Amanda.


“Even Amanda fans don’t think that I was suited to her so it was just like this monumental fail really.”

As for why Tash thinks she wasn’t a good match with Amanda, she told us that she just honestly didn’t feel that spark or chemistry with Amanda.

She then claims that she tried to build a friendship with her on-screen wife but Amanda was trying to be far too full on and push for something more.

You can hear Tash explaining exactly why things didn’t work out with Amanda in the podcast below!


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