Rumours have been swirling that Sam Burgess gets a little aggressive in season two of Channel Seven’s SAS Australia, with Fox Sports reporting earlier in the year that the athlete ‘choked out’ one of the instructors as a direct result to a ‘kidnapping’ activity.

It was allegedly so intense that producers had to call up an ambulance to set to make sure the soldier was okay!

Ant Middleton has now revealed in an interview with News Corp that the rumours are somewhat true, ” [Burgess] tired to get out of a situation and he used what he had at his disposal and that was his big arms.”

Middleton clarified that it wasn’t one of the four main instructors, “He’s not that brave.”

While it might not be tonight, at some point in SAS Australia a hostage challenge will see several recruits thrown into the back of a car with two instructors pretending to be kidnappers, the headlock was a result of Burgess’ plan to control the situation.

“When things like that happen we do step in, of course we do,” Middleton explained, but from the sounds of things, the upcoming season will be the most intense one to do.

SAS Australia begins tonight, 7.30pm on Channel Seven.

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