If there’s one show that we want to get the reboot treatment in the midst of some of the biggest shows out there getting a second run, it’s got to be Packed to The Rafters.

The Aussie show had it all! It brought us love, laughter and even tears and launched the careers of some of our famous actors and actresses.

So will it get a reboot? Not long ago now it was rumoured that could be heading back to the Rafters family and star of the show, Hugh Sheridan, actually told Kyle and Jackie O that some of the cast were in talks about it.

“Well there’s definitely… the word’s going around,” Hugh said to us at the time about the rumours.

“At this stage there’s nothing confirmed or anything but it is exciting and I hope that it does work out because it is a beautiful show and it will be like 10 years on I guess. It’s like a ‘where are they now?’.

“Yeah, I’ve been talking to Bec,” Hugh added about fellow star of the show Rebecca Gibney. “We all want it to happen, if we can make it happen.”


So with it sounding like Ben Rafter and Julie Rafter are on board, what about the other characters?

This morning the Kyle and Jackie O Show was joined by Ryan Corr, who played the cheeky Coby on the Channel 7 series.

We asked him whether he would be interested in taking part in a reboot and to be honest, he was pretty coy about his answer. But he did tell us that the whole cast loved each other and loved working on the show, so that’s a good sign!

“Is there any truth to you coming back to Packed to the Rafters reboot if it happens?” asked our executive producer Palestine.


“We’re not sure about any of this, it’s all a little bit coy,” Ryan told us.

“We’ll see what happens. But I mean we certainly loved working with each other. It was one of those shows. We were sickeningly in love with each other.”

And we were in love with watching it!

Come on Channel 7! If you can bring back Big Brother than surely you can bring back Packed to the Rafters!

Until then you can catch Ryan Corr on his new show The Commons only on Stan when it premieres on Christmas Day.