Yesterday it was reported that popular Channel Nine TV host Sonia Kruger had been offered a massive “seven figure sum” to move over to the Seven Network.

While the report was mostly rumours and quotes from sources, today TV Blackbox founder, which is the website that breaks all television exclusives, joined Kyle and Jackie O to discuss the matter.

Rob McKnight told us that it was a done deal and confirmed that Sonia would be jumping ship.

“Yes Sonia is leaving Channel Nine for Channel Seven,” Rob told Kyle and Jackie O this morning. “The execs at Nine have accepted it and Channel Seven are just working out the finer details.”

Sonia is currently co-host on Today Extra with David Campbell and she also hosts one of their biggest shows, The Voice. But Rob told us that this wouldn’t be for much longer.


“She will be jumping ship,” Rob continued. “It will be interesting to see once she’s made the formal resignation whether she has to go on gardening leave, and that’s where you literally serve out your contract but aren’t allowed to appear on TV, or whether Nine will allow her to do an actual on air farewell.”

Rob told us that it was immediately apparent what role Sonia had been offered at Seven, although speculation has been that she would be hosting the revamped Big Brother.

He said that while they may have offered her this gig, it’s not likely that this is the only role that convinced her to jump ship.

“There is some speculation that Big Brother part of her Channel Seven plan but it’s not the only reason she’d be going over for,” Rob said.

“Big Brother’s only got a one year commitment at this stage, they’ll obviously see how it goes, so it would be a real risk for her to go based on Big Brother.”

Rob claims that the daily grind of morning TV is getting too much for Sonia and she wanted to do something a bit more prime time.


“She loves prime time, she’s done a great job with The Voice and so Seven are obviously looking at other prime time gigs for her and they’ll have a new slate of programming coming next year.

“There’s also the olympics so she might get a start there.”

Sonia Kruger’s partner actually works for Channel Seven also and so Rob claimed that this helped her make her decision.

“Don’t forget her husband is actually the head of news and current affairs at Channel Seven, so there’s a nice incentive to working on the same side when you’re a part of a family,” Rob added.


It’s not yet known who could replace Sonia in her current roles although Rob speculated that someone like Sylvia Jeffreys could suit the role on The Voice.

Hear more from our chat with Rob McKnight in the video above!